Our economic impact


Since its establishment, “Cahan Tobacco International” has had a positive impact on the country’s economy in various fields. One of these fields is employment. Today, directly and indirectly 600 employees are working at Cahan Tobacco International to add value to the country’s economy every day.


Cahan Tobacco International focuses on future-oriented strategies, building a sustainable business development trend. One of them is the export of international-quality cigarettes produced by the Company. One of our main goals is to support our national economy by increasing marketshare of local cigarette products and attracting the foreign currency to the country by using the factory’s export potential. The preparations in this direction started in late 2017 and the export process of some of the CTI brands was commenced. In April 2019, the first export of CTI products took place and Fine Ultimate and Fine Sunset cigarette products were exported to Saudi Arabia. At the same time, negotiations with several foreign countries are underway to increase export potential.

Tobacco farming

Tobacco Farming Center, owned by Cahan Tobacco International, has begun to plant tobacco in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic since 2017. Based on the State Program for the Development of Tobacco Production in the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2017-2021, Virginia and Oriental tobacco varieties were planted in Kangarli region testing purposes, and more than 11 tones of dry tobacco were produced.