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Our vision

To be a local cigarette company playing an important role in the development of the country by fully integrating the tobacco-related economic development strategies of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

13 years in the business...

Cahan Tobacco International (CTI), a part of Cahan Holding, is engaged in the production, distribution, and marketing of high-quality tobacco and cigarette products. The product portfolio of the Company includes 4 cigarette brands and 15 cigarette varieties. Currently, the Company is planning to add 2 new hookah tobacco brands to its product portfolio, with over 30 varieties.

Since its establishment, “Cahan Tobacco International» has ensured effective marketing, sales, and distribution chain of its products in all economic regions of Azerbaijan and has strengthened its position in the market with its products. Today, sales and distribution centers of «Cahan Tobacco International” located in seven regions of Azerbaijan successfully meet their targets.

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Cahan Tobacco International engages all types of activities related to the tobacco industry including tobacco farming, leaf processing, packaging, marketing, and distribution

Cigarette production
Tobacco farming
Shiha tobacco

Bringing quality to lives.

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