Cahan Tobacco International

From seed to smoke


“Since its establishment, Cahan Tobacco International has ensured effective marketing, sales, and distribution chain of its products in all economic regions of Azerbaijan and has strengthened its position in the market with its products. Today, sales and distribution centers of Cahan Tobacco International located in seven regions of Azerbaijan successfully meet their targets.”

«Cahan Tobacco International (CTI) – a part of Cahan Holding — is Azerbaijan-based tobacco company engaged with production and distribution of cigarettes, shisha tobacco, and fine cut tobacco. The product portfolio of CTI includes 4 cigarette brands and 13 sub-brands, 2 shisha tobacco brands.


The Capacity of Cahan Tobacco International is 5 bln sticks/year. Currently, the product portfolio of CTI includes 4 cigarette brands with more than 13 varieties.
CTI offers 2 main hookah tobacco brands that are coming with more than 30 flavours to give you the best shisha experience
Cahan Tobacco International is using latest technology and agronomy methods in its tobacco production processes


Experienced specialists

Experience is what CTI brings across all its stakeholders

Consistent Support

Our exceptional sales and distribution team is always on hand and ready to help.

Quality products

CTI has three product categories as cigarettes, shisha tobacco and tobacco

Wide distribution network

CTI has 7 regional offices apart from capital Baku that enables to sell in every part of the country


CTI will participate in 3 international fairs during 2019 to boost its export channels

Export capacity

Excess capacity of CTI cigarette factory gives us the opportunity to export our products around globe

We are trying to play a significant role in economic development of Azerbaijan Republic following pre-defined strategies 

Serhat Eroglu

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